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Best kratom strains for pain relief

Most people these days prefer to deal with their pain in a herbal way instead of feeding the body from chemicals in the laboratory drugs. This mostly applies to people who have chronic pain. Remember with chronic pain, you might have to take medication to relieve the pain probably to the rest of your life. Therefore, most people feel that basing on medicine from hospitals; they are putting their lives at risk of over-concentration chemicals in their body. Once a person has decided to take this direction, he or she should be able to know the right kratom strain to take. There are very many strains of kratom and so not all the strains can offer relief to pain. Currently, you can be assured of the following strains for effective pain relief:

  1. Maeng da kratom

This strain is very applicable for pain relief. It has a high concentration of alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine which is known to have a soothing effect. The alkaloid has a way of working against the hormones in the brain which are responsible for pain perception. What happens once you take this strain of kratom is that it makes you less sensitive to pain. This means that the kratom is not healing you entirely from the condition which is causing the pain but instead makes you less sensitive to pain. If the disease can be treated, then it is advisable to continue taking your treatment dose even as you take the kratom dose for pain relief.

Maeng da kratom exists in two different colors. You can get it in green, white and red veins. The difference in the color is not something to worry about. It only comes as a result of the different colors of the veins in the leaves while growing in the kratom plant. The color, however, is said to affect the effect of the kratom dose. For instance, the red vein Maeng da kratom happens to be very strong and so applicable for the severe pain while the green and white can be used for mild pain relief.

  1. Red Borneo

This is another favorite kratom strain which can be used to relieve pain. It also has the alkaloid content which is responsible for soothing your pain. Borneo kratom typically appears in three colors just like the Maeng da kratom. However, it is the red Borneo which is recommended for pain relief. It is beneficial even for extreme pain levels & say no to disease.

When taking this strain of kratom for your pain relief, you should ensure that you take the right dose. Otherwise, if you take more of what is needed, the effect might be very extreme so that apart from the pain relief, you also get to feel ‘high’ due to its opioid nature. Ensure that you take what is enough for you.

Maeng da kratom and the red Borneo kratom strains are the best for your pain relief. Some people would recommend other strains for pain relief like the green Malay and Thai kratom, but the two are the best. If you are buying kratom for pain relief, you should prioritize the two before you ask for any other strain of kratom for pain relief.